Simidude 1.6.0 Release Notes

Torsten Uhlmann

Mon, 04 Oct 2010

Photo by Torsten Uhlmann


Today I’m excited to release a new version of Simidude with some cool new features.

  • BIG NEW FEATURE: Well at least I’m excited about this one. The Simidude hotkey support is now available across all supported platforms (Windows (32-bit and 64-bit), Mac (32-bit) and Linux (32-bit and 64-bit)). That means on all platforms you can now use a global hotkey to make the Simidude window and you can use a hotkey to paste the latest Simidude entry (basically “Activate Item” and “CTRL-V” combined). To enable global hotkey support on Mac systems I started an open source project that does just that.
  • The Simidude tray menu now hold a menu entry “Toggle Clipboard Monitoring”- you can use that to switch clipboard monitoring on or off without the need to navigate to the main window.
  • I upgraded the Simidude installer which does a better job now integrating with the operating system, especially on Non-Windows systems.
  • Fixing minor bugs.

As always, Simidude is available from our download page at Enjoy, Torsten Uhlmann