Simidude 1.6.2 Release Notes

Torsten Uhlmann

Tue, 18 Jan 2011

Photo by Torsten Uhlmann

Simidude 1.6.2 Release Notes

Today, I’d like to cheerfully declare the release of Simidude version 1.6.2. This one is a maintenance release that adds a few features and a critical bug fix. There was one hard to grasp bug that some of you experienced when Simidude suddenly tried to suck all juice out of your computer’s CPU. I was finally able to reproduce the problem and eliminate the course. Well, that’s not to say that there aren’t other causes for this type of problem waiting to be released but, that one is gone… New features:

  • The Network Settings preference dialog has a new setting where you can enter IP addresses or network names that should be ignored when Simidude tries to find it’s own IP address. This is useful if you regularly switch networks and do not wish to change the hard wired IP address (“The machine’s IP address” field in the prefs) every time you change networks but you need to eliminate other network addresses that would pop up.
  • The installer has been updated. The old installer sometimes left the Updater icon hanging in the Mac OS X Dock. This problem has been resolved for the most part. If you do experience problems please let me know.

As always, you can download the updated Simidude here and I suggest you do- it’s free for everyone with a license. Have a great day, Torsten.